How To Use Home Field Advantage In Football Betting

Football betting is now a hobby for football lovers as this makes them enjoy the thrill of knowing the team to win or lose. This action has made a lot of people happy from the income made when winning a bet; at the same time, some people don’t seem to win any of these bets.

Placing a bet on the result of a game is a pastime that many football fans engage for a fun experience. Thus, many fans love to win, as no one wants to lose anyways. However, winning a football bet is not by mere following your heart trick; it is about doing researches and involving yourself in various statistical analysis to know the winning team.

There are various reasons why some punters lose bets, to have the edge over other punters, it is advisable to use a soccer prediction sites that gives accurate predictions.

This article will show the reasons some punters lose and an advantage that will give you an edge over others when staking a bet.


Reasons why some punters lose

  • Using old results to predict the future;

When betting, some punters tend to bet based on the previous result of a team. For example, if in the last 30 years, a team lost more than five times, some punters based their bet on this factor and might decide not to bet on the team. Well, betting doesn’t work this way as it depends on statistics and it might work in favour of the team at the time the punter thought it wouldn’t.

  • Attempting To Recover Losses

Some punters are single-minded and might decide to bet the lost amount in the hope of gaining it back at once. This view is narrow in the sense that you might not even win up to that amount, and it will be counted as a loss.

  • Thinking Football Betting is Pure luck;

As much as luck exists, football betting is not always about luck. It depends on how deep your researched are and how accurate your weekend soccer prediction website is.

 How to win football betting using the Home field as an advantage.

Researches have shown football teams tend to win when they play on their home field. It is due to numerous factors like the size of their fans, undivided focus and their ego. As a punter, you must use this home field as an advantage when placing a bet.

Moreover, you can calculate the home advantage of any team before placing a bet. This home advantage can be calculated by; Home advantage= Home goals scored- goals conceded at home/Number of home games paid at that season.


Football betting has created extra fun for soccer fanatics and also provides extra cash for them. Placing a bet to win is quite challenging but can become easy if you make use of expert tips.

One site that you can use to get the best world soccer predictions for weekends is as they offer excellent analysis and picks.


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