Your first eye at the Congress Hotel is pleasing.

Your method to the Congress Resort as well as Annex in Michigan Method.

the world prominent Blvd on the attractive West Coast of Lake Michigan. Responds simultaneously to your ideal location for silent rest and also pure air. Yet within easy walking distance you find yourself. In the heart of Chicago’s excellent Company, Purchasing, and also Movie Theater Center.

Your first eye at the Congress Hotel is pleasing. It awakens the rate of interest despite under what problems you watch it. You are impressed as you enter with the environment of perfect, quiet, special service and warm-hearted friendliness. There remains in the plan of the Monitoring of the Congress Resort a warm-hearted wish to make you feel at home.

Pompeian Water Fountain Area: A Work Of Art in Refined Splendor

Your welcome begins at the curb. Touching down from the taxi you are a personality. The policy of your home is that guests are recognized by name. You are you, as well as you are individual, distinct. And also individual all throughout your remain. You feel simultaneous that your browse through is expected, and every little convenience prearranged especially for you, to the minutest information.

If you remain in Chicago on the company you realize that the Congress Hotel, as well as Annex, is a service gathering place for active people. Below is provided every ease for the transaction of affairs.

Commodious rooms for conferences, for conventions, and for the screen of goods. Every little thing is integrated that the company might be negotiated with dispatch. But as a business is just part of life. This excellent resort has equivalent tourist attractions for the social side of humanity. Personal dining-rooms and also reception rooms afford ample chance for home entertainment.

Florentine Banquet Hall

You pick your room or suite as fits your convenience, guaranteed of peaceful, light, and also ideal airflow in any type of part of every flooring. The safety and security of the Resort as well as of all its guests as well as employees is of the first moment. 마이다스카지노

No hotel in the world has better safeguarded valuable human lives entrusted to its keeping than the Congress. After security comes tidiness, and a mindful assessment is an assurance. Your house is not a lot more without dirt, or any type of uncleanness than this huge, quiet, spacious resort.

Your rooms are huge and also ventilated. With commodious closets. The filtered air which streams continually via your apartments is tempered to just the best temperature throughout the year. Your travel luggage is unpacked by the nimble hand of a valet or maid. Sent by the Administration to help you in obtaining settlement.

Entrance Hall: Fulfilling Location of the World’s Prominent People

Your spaces and also home furnishings speak silent elegance and also true residence convenience. Your wishes are as totally accommodated as if the house was your exclusive residence. As well as every deferential slave. Belonged to your personal facility.

It is this courtesy which is the real spirit of friendliness; the reflection of the Monitoring, whose grip of the essence of service has actually made the Congress Hotel a genuine House of a Thousand Residences.

No hotel in the world includes within itself many features of the unusual rate of interest as the Congress Resort and also Annex. A stroll from your apartments will certainly encourage you promptly.

From the Grand Entrance hall, a splendid accomplishment in architecture and also design, where onyx, mosaic as well as gold-bossed pilasters uprear a vaulted roofing system of extreme appeal, you may walk down the Marble Corridor, famous throughout the civilized world; previous Pompeiian Spaces, wherein shimmers